Conversion Optimization

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Conversion optimisation is not about one page, one form or one checkout. Its about one person - your customer. We dont optimise conversion rates, we optimise decision processes, customer journeys and user experiences.

The optimisation audit is the first chance we have to fully understand the current behaviour of customers on your landing environments. From this, we can make our recommendations to improve conversion.

Pragati Enterprise has developed rigid optimisation frameworks for the most popular areas of value to most digital businesses. Whether you're wanting to improve a landing environment, or take a detailed look at the purchase funnel, we're here.

We are experts in doing dynamic testing that utilises industry leading tools and proven models and methodologies to achieve exponential growth.

Latest News

June, 2015

Photoshoot Services

We now offer photoshoot services for your products, our photographers are certified professionals with DSLR Cameras, we also have good contacts with top models and celebreties.

December, 2014

eCommerce Marketing

Boost your online business with our ecommerce marketing service


Why hire Pragati Enterprise

Pragati Enterprise is a young marketing agency, with fresh ideas & innovations. Our organization constitutes of young and creative workers, who love to showcase your product (or service) with a different approach. We are a team of creative designers, animators and conceptors, backed by a hard core team of IT professionals, who helps us to decode the overall impact of our work.

If you have a utility, we can create a demand for it. You might suspect, but would you try?