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Augmenting keyword targeted campaigns with audience data, using dynamic automation and enhanced keyword level tracking are replacing traditional keyword only campaigns.

How many of the keywords in your account appeal to multiple audiences? How many of those audiences are valuable to you? How do you know when someone types a keyword into Google that they are relevant to your products or services? We use remarketing lists for search ads (RLSA) and customer match look-alike audiences as well as in-market or affinity audience targeting to help our clients enter and win the auctions that have a higher propensity to convert. By targeting the right audiences, we have seen conversion rates 68% higher than traditional keyword only campaigns.

The benefit of Dynamic Search Ads

Any campaign with lots of products or inventory should be using Dynamic Search Ads (DSA) or even better, feed-based inventory managed campaigns.

We can integrate your inventory feed with our technology and automatically generate highly relevant ads directed to the right landing pages based on the specific phrase someone searches for. This helps cover the long-tail for your entire inventory range and because the long-tail is usually cheaper and converts more, it has a big impact on campaign performance.

Latest News

June, 2015

Photoshoot Services

We now offer photoshoot services for your products, our photographers are certified professionals with DSLR Cameras, we also have good contacts with top models and celebreties.

December, 2014

eCommerce Marketing

Boost your online business with our ecommerce marketing service


Why hire Pragati Enterprise

Pragati Enterprise is a young marketing agency, with fresh ideas & innovations. Our organization constitutes of young and creative workers, who love to showcase your product (or service) with a different approach. We are a team of creative designers, animators and conceptors, backed by a hard core team of IT professionals, who helps us to decode the overall impact of our work.

If you have a utility, we can create a demand for it. You might suspect, but would you try?