UX Design

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User experience (UX) covers all the interactions someone has with your company or organisation. These include interactions with your software, your website, your apps, your advertisements, your Twitter or Facebook accounts and your call centre, as well as with you personally over email or face-to-face. The sum total of all these interactions over time is their user experience.

UX research

The research phase of the UX process is about fully understanding your business, your market, your customers and the overall goals and expectations of the project.


Its during the analysis phase that we turn the findings from our research into actionable and shareable insights and use them to inform the concepting and design phases.


During the strategy phase we work with you to agree the strategy for the experience, establishing a definition and set of experience principles we want to achieve to inform the design and development process.


During the design phase we take all the business requirements, constraints and insights from our research and design and use them to create solutions.

Development & beyond

UX is a team sport, and everyone of our team is responsible for it. As the project moves into development and launch, we continue to test to ensure we are achieving the desired experience.

Latest News

June, 2015

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December, 2014

eCommerce Marketing

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Why hire Pragati Enterprise

Pragati Enterprise is a young marketing agency, with fresh ideas & innovations. Our organization constitutes of young and creative workers, who love to showcase your product (or service) with a different approach. We are a team of creative designers, animators and conceptors, backed by a hard core team of IT professionals, who helps us to decode the overall impact of our work.

If you have a utility, we can create a demand for it. You might suspect, but would you try?